Visit Pedernales Falls State Park This Spring

If you haven't yet visited Pedernales Falls State Park in the Texas Hill Country, it's time to find out what you've been missing! It's a great place to hike around and enjoy the falls in the spring, and as the weather heats up, it becomes a popular spot for swimming. Pedernales Falls State Park is located just about an hour west of Austin, right in the heart of Texas Hill Country and not too far away from our luxury Bed and Breakfast.

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One of the waterfalls you'll see at Pedernales Falls State Park in Texas Hill Country

A Day at Pedernales Falls State Park

There are a lot of great Texas State Parks near our Hill Country Bed and Breakfast, but one of our favorites is Pedernales Falls State Park. Here, you'll find some of the most unique and beautiful scenery in Texas Hill Country. Flowing through the heart of Pedernales Falls State Park is the Pedernales River itself, which is reason enough to visit the park.

However, there's more than just the beautiful falls and the enticing river to enjoy at Pedernales Falls State Park. There are also scenic trails winding through the surrounding forests and ridges, offering visitors a variety of ways to enjoy this beautiful park. Here are the top things to do at Pedernales Falls State Park:

  1. Take the 0.5-mile trek on the Twin Falls Nature Trail and stop at the scenic overlook over the falls. It's beautiful - just keep in mind that there's no swimming at the falls.
  2. Hikers won't want to miss the Juniper Ridge trail, which at just under 9 miles long is a great way to explore the unique terrain at Pedernales Falls State Park. There are plenty of other great hiking trails to explore, too.
  3. On the warmest days, take the short hike to the swimming area and spread out on the sandy beach. The river can be turbulent, but it's pretty tranquil and a great place to cool off most of the time. If desired, you can also tube, kayak, or canoe on the river.
  4. There are more swimming areas in the park, particularly if you take the Wolf Mountain Trail. This challenging trail wraps around Tobacco and Wolf mountains. There, you'll find Arrowhead Pool, where Bee Creek spills into stair-stepped pools.
  5. If you enjoy spectacular sunset (and let's be honest, who doesn't?), then take one of the Overlook Trails in Pedernales State Park and enjoy the vibrant display of color set against the stark contrast of the park's white cliffs.
  6. Given the park's remote location outside the city, it's also an excellent place for nighttime photography and stargazing.
  7. There are mountain biking trails throughout Pedernales Falls State Park, including the Juniper Ridge Trailreferenced above.
  8. There's some great birdwatching at Pedernales Falls State Park, especially during the spring and fall bird migrations.
Our Guest rooms at our Texas Hill Country Bed and Breakfast offer a great place to relax and unwind after visiting Pedernales Falls State Park

Other Texas Hill Country State Parks to Visit

Though Pedernales Falls State Park is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon, there are even more great Texas State Parks worth visiting near the Texas Hill Country. If you have time and want to explore the unique beauty of the Texas Hill Country, other places to visit include the following, which are all an hour or less from our Bed and Breakfast.

  1. Blanco State Park
  2. McKinney Falls State Park
  3. Guadalupe River State Park
  4. Lyndon B Johnson State Park & Historic Site

If you're willing to travel even further, consider a visit to one of these thirteen sensational Texas State Parks, many of which are just around two hours from our Inn. Whatever it is you do while here - even if it's simply relaxing poolside at our beautiful Bed and Breakfast, we know you'll have a fantastic time. Give yourself the time away you deserve this spring. Plan a romantic getaway in Texas at the Blair House Inn today!