Don't Miss the Blanco Lavender Festival This June!

We love spring wildflowers here in Texas Hill Country, especially Texas Bluebonnets, and we'd be more than happy to share our favorite scenic drives and spots to see gorgeous blooms of these friendly flowers. However, spring is also the perfect time to visit the gorgeous fields of Lavender Farms in Texas, not to mention the popular Blanco Lavender Festival.

At first thought, you might not associate Texas with the vibrant purple-hued plants made famous in Provence, France, but the dry and arid growing conditions found throughout Hill Country are actually perfect for these fragrant plants. Peak season for lavender starts in May and runs through June, with the Blanco Lavender Festival taking place in early June.

From March through June, Texas Hill Country is covered in bright purple and blue hues of various flowers, which means it's a stunning time of year to visit us here at our Hill Country Bed and Breakfast. Whether you'd prefer to tour the local farms, immerse yourself in the excitement of the Blanco Lavender Festival, or just relax surrounded by the vibrant beauty of spring, there's no better place to stay in Wimberley than our Hill Country Bed and Breakfast.

Spend your days lounging by the pool, indulging in spa treatments, enjoying delicious meals, and exploring the best of Hill Country with us. Book your room at our top-rated Hill Country Bed and Breakfast today!

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dried bunches of lavender like those you'd see at the Blanco Lavender Festival and other Lavender Farms in Texas

Attend the 2023 Blanco Lavender Festival

If you time your visit to our Hill Country Bed and Breakfast for early June, we highly recommend you attend the Blanco Lavender Festival. Not only does the festival allow you to tour one of the best Lavender Farms in Texas, Hill Country Lavender, which grows eight different varieties of lavender, but it's a great place to learn more about this fragrant and popular plant, pick up lavender-related crafts and products, and enjoy the sights of these fragrant fields in Texas before harvest.

This year's Blanco Lavender Festival will take place for one exciting weekend, from June 9 - 11. Hill Country Lavender Farm, the centerpiece of the Blanco Lavender Festival, is just a short 30-minute drive from our Hill Country Bed and Breakfast. There, you'll enjoy various scheduled talks, the opportunity to walk the fields and cut your own blossoms, shop their 75+ lavender-based products, and more.

One of our favorite features of the Blanco Lavender Festival, aside from the opportunity to walk through the fields themselves, is the vendor market. The Lavender Market is held on the grounds of the historic Blanco County Courthouse and is the perfect opportunity to find lavender-scented bath and body products, lavender-based culinary products, and so much more. There's also live music throughout the weekend at nearby Bindseil Park and wine, beer, and delicious local food to enjoy.

The Blanco Lavender Festival is a popular annual event, so there can be a lot of traffic congestion around the various venues. We encourage you to park where the festival suggests, at the Blanco High School, and take advantage of their shuttle. There are shuttles to and from the farm and Town Square, where the Lavender Market is.

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A butterfly on stems at Lavender Farms in Texas before the Blanco Lavender Festival

The Best Lavender Farms in Texas in 2023

Hill Country Lavender Farm is one of the leading Lavender Farms in Texas and is the star of the show at the Blanco Lavender Festival. It was the first of the commercial lavender farms in Texas and is definitely worth seeing while you're in town, whether you're here to attend the Blanco Lavender Festival or not. However, it's just one of the great lavender farms in Texas we recommend you visit throughout May and June.

This spring, treat yourself to at least a day touring the best lavender farms in Texas, where you can enjoy the gentle, familiar fragrance floating on the breeze. Many of these farms offer you the chance to cut your own lavender, and they also sell an incredible variety of handmade or culinary goods to take home with you. Aside from Hill Country Lavender in Blanco, here are two more great Lavender Farms in Texas worth visiting this year:

  1. See where it all began at the oldest and largest of the lavender farms in Texas! Rough Creek Lavender Fields is just a short drive from our Hill Country Bed and Breakfast and offers a wonderful experience for those looking to cut fresh lavender. They also have a delightful guest shop that is worth browsing.
  2. Becker Vineyards is so much more than a great winery - it's also one of the best lavender farms in Texas! They grow Spanish Stoechas lavender, which is particularly well-suited to the hot, dry temperatures of a Texas spring. With more than 4,000 plants here during peak lavender season, this lavender farm is truly impressive. They also host their own Lavender festival each year, with this year's event being held on April 15th.

Between visits to these amazing Lavender Farms in Texas and the fun Blanco Lavender Festival, there are plenty of ways to have some fun while giving yourself the relaxing break you crave. It all starts at our Hill Country Bed and Breakfast! Book your room today!